PUBLISHED: 4:53 PM on Wednesday, March 12, 2008
Winston of Churchill One Bears Battle Against Global Warming
Review by Naomi Judd
We live in a world of change and our children will learn this one way or another. What better way than to learn from a Polar Bear? Winston leads his fellow bears in a courageous 'fight for ice', using some of the same expressions as Sir Winston Churchill himself in Jean Davis Okimoto's "Winston of Churchill: One Bears Battle Against Global Warming."

In fact, Winston shares the same habit

of always having a cigar in his mouth. He comes to realize that if every little bit helps fight global warming, he must get rid of the cigar and walk his talk.

As the bears picket in front of the visiting tourists with signs such as 'Freeze please' and 'Pass up gas go-bio-fuel,' they make a grand plea to save their beloved home.

The award winning illustrations capture give up. Okimoto, of Washington state, and Trammell, originally of Willow, Alaska, introduce concepts that young readers can use to help contribute to protecting our future Earth.

"Winston of Churchill," recommended for ages 6 and up, has been awarded the Green Earth Book Award for children's fiction from the Newton Marasco Foundation. The award was created in partnership with Salisbury University to promote books that inspire children to grow a deeper appreciation, respect and responsibility for their natural environment.

From the turn of the first page, you and your children will be encompassed by a story that will warm your heart - but not the ice.