PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM on Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Children get volunteers to build playground

Photo by Amanda Gragert
  Students at Gastineau Community School take a look at the proposed design for a playground to be built in May at Twin Lakes. Children across the school district are asking members of the community to volunteer in building the playground. They have a goal of 500 people.
Several citizens of Juneau have made up Project Playground to ensure the building of a new playground at Twin Lakes. Last year children across the school district gave their ideas in designing the play area. Now they are stepping in to recruit volunteers to make their dreams happen in constructing the playground.

The Project Playground committee has a goal of 500 volunteers to work May 15-19, and May 22-26.

Children aren't leaving all the work to the adults as they are talking to family members and friends about working the shifts.

"I think it will be good because people can get to know each other," said fifth-grader Kayla Balovich.

Fifth-grader Hannah Cassell said the playground is needed in Juneau for children to have a large place to play in the summer, and she hopes many people will help to build the playground.

"It gets people involved in the community to build something everyone in the city will use," Cassell said.

First-grader Lake Siner said he's looking forward to using the space.

"It looks like fun because it's really big and there is an area for my little brother to play," said Siner who has already turned in volunteer slips.

"I just talked them into it."

First-grader Ben Campbell said he wants people to volunteer because it is a big project.

"It might be really, really fun to play," Campbell said. "We need people to help so it can get built pretty quick."

The playground will feature several play areas for all ages.

"It's cool because it's better than just swings and hill to roll down," said second-grader Zoey Kriegmont.

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