PUBLISHED: 4:51 PM on Wednesday, March 5, 2008
What do you think of the new high school being built?

"I'm just frustrated they keep coming to us for more money, again and again." - Dawn Findley-groves

"I believe that we do not need the high school. I graduated in '04 from JDHS. My class was the only class that was there before, during and after the renovations. The only problem with the school is that we do not have enough teachers. We have enough classrooms. - Kerri Powers

"I'm glad there's a new school, I used to work at the high school and it was pretty crowded." - Jonas Lamb

"It can be used for a real university campus" - sunsplash (online response)

"I think its retarted - I think we should all stay together in one school." - Makenna Smith

"We can use it for a jail when the population drops and there are no students to attend the white elephant in the valley." - Big Easy (online response)