PUBLISHED: 4:54 PM on Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Bye Bye Bluegrass, hello icecaps
Hi, I'm the new guy. I was recently imported from Louisville, Ky., to become the new managing editor of The Capital City Weekly.

I took the northern route to Seattle where I hopped a flight to Juneau. It was a long, long, long drive but worth all 52 hours and 2,500 miles. You see, I REALLY wanted this job.

After visiting Juneau in early February I realized this city, and state for that matter, are unique compared to anywhere else in the United States. The natural surroundings are intrinsic - even mesmerizing - to a suburbanite like myself.

Equally compelling was the opportunity to work at a paper serving nearly 25 different communities; each with its own unique history and culture.

Now a little about me. I'm homegrown from Kentucky and settled in the Derby City (Louisville) after six years of service in the Army (where I first started my journalism career). I'm fourth generation military - even my mom wore combat boots.

I studied English at the University of Louisville (GO CARDS!), where I also was editor of the college's student newspaper. I bleed red through-and-through, except during rivalry games when the Cardinals don black uniforms.

After college I was editor at a few community newspaper in Louisville and the Fort Knox area. My heart, and experience, has always been with community journalism. But this experience will be my biggest challenge yet.

My immediate focus will be to bridge the gap between all the communities the CCW reaches in Southeast Alaska, but I'll need some help (that means you - hint, hint).

I encourage all of you to E-mail me with your story ideas and happenings in your communities. I'll do my best to make sure all of you are kept informed about what's happening in the region - not just Juneau.

In the meantime, if you constantly see someone who appears to be a tourist, walking through Juneau with an umbrella and no Xtra Tuffs, that'll be me. Feel free to stop and say "hi."

Charles Westmoreland is the managing editor of the Capital City Weekly. E-mail him at or call 907-789-4144.