PUBLISHED: 11:13 AM on Wednesday, March 2, 2005
Dish the Hottest Cuisine
Pan-Asian Dishes Pack Flavor Punch
Cuisine doesn't get any hotter than this. Food experts across the nation point to Pan-Asian flavors as the freshest trend of the year, taking note of the unique ways in which their flavors tickle the palate with brilliant ingredient pairings.

Mai Pham, award-winning cookbook author and owner of the nationally acclaimed Lemon Grass Restaurant in Sacramento, Calif., makes bold flavor statements with these tapas-style "small plates," which are perfect for entertaining as well as both casual and elegant meals. An expert in Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, Chef Pham marries flavors from across Asia with American Lamb and USA-grown peanuts, making a unique culinary statement.

"American Lamb and USA-grown peanuts offer wonderful flavors and textures integral to Pan-Asian dishes," Chef Pham says. She favors the sweet, mild taste and versatility of fresh American Lamb for showcasing Pan-Asian flavors. American Lamb's availability at the grocery store and butcher allows the creative cook to dish up trendy tastes year-round. If you don't find the cut you're looking for, just ask - and preorder when possible. USA-grown peanuts, tremendously versatile, flavor-packed and widely available as well, are both familiar and exotic, making them a critical component in these inspired dishes.

Thrill your guests with these unique Pan-Asian-inspired offerings... their intriguing blends of fresh flavors and familiar ingredients are sure to garner praise!