PUBLISHED: 11:13 AM on Wednesday, March 2, 2005
"Fishing" rant... Dear CCW:
Whilst on vacation a few days ago I was fortunate enough to get to experience fishing in another part of this great country. The sun was shining and the temp in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida was about 80 degrees. A far cry from the snow and 34 degrees I had left behind in Juneau. was destined to be a great day of fishing!

We baited up the lines and threw them in with the hopes that some tropical Nemo-esque fish would take our bait. Well after about an hour I bagged our first catch of the day...a beautiful Ziplock baggie filled with some disgusting brown substance that I like to think of as dirt and water! Ah a Large Mouth Ziplock fish, what a rare treat!

Then about twenty minutes later my good friend was reeling in his line when a great strike hit! After about a three minute fight he was able to land a pooper scooper shovel! Soon the little boys that were fishing around us started to ask us, "Hey Mister, catch some more garbage!" I must admit I was missing Juneau at that point!

About a week later we decided to give it another try. This time we secured a space on what is called a "Party Boat". If you have never tried this experience it is quite special.

First off the gear is, shall we say, used. My line had so many splices I'm not sure it could really be called a line.

Then there was the fishing. They load the boat with about 20 people and blast out to the fishing grounds. Once there they cut the motors and it's a free for all. Everyone fishes on one side of the boat and the ball of tangles that is supposed to be our separate lines begins to look more like a really bad gillnet. I was fortunate enough to actually hook into a fish and then proceeded to tangle all of the other lines as I fought the mighty beast. Don't worry every one that happened to catch a fish got to take their turn leading this beautiful dance. And I was rewarded with a fish that they called a "Mutant Snapper". I don't know what that means but I'm guessing that it can't be good! I didn't realize that we were targeting X-Men fish!

It is soooo good to be back in Alaska where the waters are still pristine, the charter boats really are "Party" boats, and there are not Large Mouth Ziplock fish or Pooper Scooper Trout in sight!!!

J. Kevin Curry