PUBLISHED: 5:45 PM on Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Photos: Shakespeares 'Much Ado About Nothing' at Perseverance Theatre
Benedick and Beatrice don't get along. He swears he will die a bachelor. She swears she will never trust a man. These opposites simply do not attract, but their friends and family have other plans in mind. Love reveals itself in mysterious ways in Shakespeare's witty and moving comedy "Much Ado About Nothing," directed by Eleanor Holdridge (Season 27's The Crucible), which is the ultimate battle of the sexes - Shakespeare-style.

  Levi Ben-Israel as Claudio and Brandon Demery as Benedick.

  Benedick is teased about being in love. Pictured are Jake Waid as Don Pedro, Levi Ben-Israel as Claudio, and Brandon Demery as Benedick.