PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM on Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Local Museum Goes Digital
The Juneau-Douglas City Museum is approaching exhibit design in a new way. On February 25th, the museum will launch its first virtual exhibit. "We are excited about the virtual exhibit because it will allow us to show more of our collection to a broader audience," says Curator of Collections and Exhibits Addison Field.

Built on the Past Perfect Virtual Exhibit software, the virtual exhibit will allow the Museum to expand their exhibit capabilities. The exhibit home can be found on their website and will be updated periodically with new content.

The first virtual exhibition will feature the recently acquired Schmitz Collection. The collection, which was acquired this summer, consists of a number of historical photographs that document an 1885 sailing through the inside passage. Field remarks, "We chose the Schmitz collection as the first virtual exhibit because it tells a wonderful and concise story. We were extremely happy to add these photos to our collection and we wanted to show them off before they were put into storage."

Director Jane Lindsey adds, "As the purchase of the Schmitz Collection was possible only through community support and donations, it is the perfect first virtual exhibit for our donors and others who have not had a chance to come down to collections to see what they helped purchase."

The virtual exhibit is yet another component that will further the Museum's ever growing web presence. Other on-line resources such as Digital Bob, Historic Structures Database, and the Gastineau Channel Memories Volume 1 are being used and appreciated by researchers and the general public from all over. In fact, the museum's homepage received 66,289 visits last year compared to 6514 visits in 2004 which indicates that the museum's on-line presence and the interest in Juneau history is alive and well.

The virtual exhibit will allow home viewers to look at pictures of the featured objects as well as access historical data on each object. The new exhibition home can be accessed by visiting the museum website at and clicking on the virtual exhibit link under the Juneau History section.

For more information call 586-3572. The City Museum is located downtown at the corner of Fourth and Main Streets and is a program of the Juneau Parks and Recreation Department.