PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM on Wednesday, February 27, 2008
New CD release "Love Birds" by local artist Archie Cavanaugh
Love Birds is a compilation of original smooth jazz and soft rock songs he wrote throughout the years along with his wife Melinda, who is my co-lyricist. Many of them are based on our own experiences in life. The good along with the bad. But, of course, others are just like movie scripts, made up experiences of perceived emotions of relationships.

This music is easy listening, easy dancing and the songs all have meanings that people can relate to just based on their own life experiences. Full of variety, It would mostly be called Jazz/Pop but it has a little country, gospel and Christmas.

"I have always wanted to do a second album. Melinda and I have written so many songs through the years. We decided to take some of the love songs we wrote and feature them with the theme Love Birds," said Cavanaugh.

"It's Alright is the story of how Melinda and I met. Let me Go and Sparkling Eyes were from our bad times. Second Chance was written when we actually had a second chance at our marriage. Amy was written for a person's 80th birthday party. We even wrote a Christmas song when we had moved from Washington State back to Alaska and Melinda was missing her family that Christmas. "One More Time" is what Jeff Tassin, our "Love Birds" cd producer, calls a cross over tune that has some country twangs in it."

  "Love Birds" by local artist Archie Cavanaugh
The album cover concept, "Love Birds," is derived from the Tlingit culture of how only persons of opposite moieties (Eagle/Raven) were permitted to marry. "I wanted to keep consistent with the theme of this album by playing all my love songs. I'm keeping all my funk and rock and roll tunes for a CD in another time."

His first album was Black and White Raven, world renowned and still available at: