PUBLISHED: 5:43 PM on Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Wilderness Blues by Tom Botts
Book Review
"Wilderness Blues" will make you chuckle to yourself long after you've turned the last page. Whether you are an Alaskan or not, there is something of interest for everyone who's human in this personal account by T.B. Botts.

In Botts' self published book he candidly shares story after story with the reader often saying things many wouldn't have the gumption to say about a decade on an "End-time" farm in Hoonah. Botts never truly feels he belongs in the life of an end-time farm member, but unwilling to leave his family, he stays for what becomes a truly original Alaskan tale. As he says in opening, "Not the usual encounters with grizzlies and blizzards, though there were certainly those."

Botts scrawls a descriptive picture of Hoonah and the unique people who inhabited it during the 80's. Admitting up-front that he "hate's cold weather" and is "not an adventure seeker," but that is precisely what he finds. In this personal and direct dialogue, Botts could just as well be right there talking to the reader over a cup of coffee and some salmon lox.

  Wilderness Blues by Tom Botts
If you want to have a good laugh about remote Alaskan situations then T.B. Botts' Wilderness Blues will more than crack a smile. From the rutabagas and rubbery wheat balls, to dump hunting and toilette paper or lack thereof, the experiences shared in this book are one of a kind.

Wilderness Blues can be found for sale at Hearthside books where he will be doing a meet and greet signing March 1st.