PUBLISHED: 11:58 AM on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
What is your favorite book, CD or movie?

  Customer Service
Brigida Olmsted
"Blow" because I like George Jung.

Shaun Godlein
Any Jay-Z CD. He's talent at its finest, and everybody should own at least one of his many CDs.

  Skateshop Clerk
Kayla Peters
My favorite movie is "Nightmare Before Christmas." I've loved it since I was little and because my favorite holiday is Halloween.

  Business Owner
Christy Tolman
My favorite of all time is "Where The Red Fern Grows," a great children's classic. It tells of a boy with determination and heart.

  Retail Sales
Jennifer Whitcomb
"Dirty Dancing." It's Patrick Swayze for goodness sakes.

  Playground Attendant
Chanda Kulm
"Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About." It's full of great information that I'm trying to follow so I can be around for my boys.