PUBLISHED: 11:58 AM on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Findlay joins Nugget Mall staff
Bea Findlay is the new marketing manager for the Nugget Mall. She moved to Juneau in 1982 and was first employed by the old Nugget Department Store. In 1990 she left Alaska to tour full-time with Christian Theatre, returning to Alaska in 1996 and moving to Sitka where she worked as the convention sales manager for the Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau. In 1999 Bea moved to Haines where she was the director for the CVB, returning to Juneau in 2001 to work as the tourism sales manager for Coastal Helicopters.

In October of 2004 Bea took a year off to ride her Honda Goldwing, with her dog Virginia, across the United States. She stopped for the winter to drive a bus in the community of Snowmass Village, just outside of Aspen, Colo. In June of 2005, she continued her motorcycle adventure, having added a sidecar for Virginia.

Once reaching the east coast, she turned around and returned home to Juneau, arriving in July 2005.

Upon her return, she drove a tour bus for the remainder of the season. Bea said the position at the Nugget Mall "seems to fit the bill perfectly."

"So here I am back where I started over 20 years ago and happy to be here," Bea said. "So to old friends and new, please drop by and say hello. I look forward to working with you all."