PUBLISHED: 11:58 AM on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Vermillion deployed to Iraq
Navy Petty Officer 1st Class David A. Vermillion, son of Gladys Carpenter of Byron, Mich. and David A. Vermillion of Ketchikan, and his fellow shipmates are in the middle of a scheduled deployment while assigned to Strike Fighter Squadron 87 embarked aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, homeported in Norfolk, Va.

Vermillion's unit conducted more than 4, 000 sorties and provided surveillance, reconnaissance and close air support to ground force in Iraq. The Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group participated in Operation Steel Curtain and Maritime Security Operations.

Operation Steel Curtain provided aerial support for U.S. Marine and Iraqi forces and prevented insurgents from entering Iraq through the Syrian Border.

Vermillion's squadron flies the F/A-18C Hornet, a single-seat, all-weather fighter and attack aircraft that is used for force projection.

Vermillion is a 1992 graduate of Triway High School of Wooster, Ohio.