PUBLISHED: 11:59 AM on Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Bridal: A flower for every bride

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  Whether you are a modern bride, a romantic bride or consider yourself more on the classic side, there are wedding flowers to suit your personal style and tastes.
Your wedding day is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses - or the daisies or the tulips or the hydrangea. A bride's flower options - from her bouquet to the centerpieces - are virtually limitless. If you're having a hard time choosing what to carry down the aisle, consider what kind of bride you are. There's a perfect flower for everyone - it's just a matter of finding what's right for you.

The Classic Bride

Silver-screen star Grace Kelly comes to mind when you think of the classic bride - simple, sophisticated and timeless. She follows all the rules of wedding etiquette, and she takes tradition seriously. White roses or stephanotis with pearl pins in the center are ideal flowers for the classic bride's bouquet. The classic girl's bridesmaids carry cascading roses in shades that match their dresses. Her groom and ushers sport rose and baby's breath boutonnieres.

The Modern Bride

This bride is up on all the hottest wedding trends - and she's more than happy to include them in her big day. She is in vogue and willing to think outside the box. Her groom might stick with a traditional rose boutonniere or simply a silk handkerchief tucked in his front pocket.

The Glamorous Bride

Diva is the first word that comes to mind when you hear about the glamorous bride. Everything she does makes a dramatic statement. And her flowers - or lack thereof - are no different. A glamorous bride who prefers to make a statement with flowers should choose something like orchids, peonies, giant peonies or black magic roses.

The Romantic Bride

She wants to be a princess for a day and often wears a big frilly dress with lots of regal details. The romantic bride should consider dahlias, a baby's breath cloud or a nosegay in a silver or gold cone-shaped vase called a tussy mussy.

The Anti-Bride

The only rule for the anti-bride is that there are no rules. If the anti-bride opts for a bouquet, she is likely to have her friends each give her a flower which she will bunch together and tie with a ribbon, or her groom will buy her a rose from a street vendor.