Please briefly describe your business.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Making Local Work: Rosewood LLC

Please briefly describe your business.

Rosewood LLC is owned and operated by me and my husband, Rick, and has various components: Rick is an expert in marketing and entrepreneurship and is completing his PhD in sustainable entrepreneurship within rural Alaska. I am a certified executive coach, industrial-organizational psychologist, accountant, business consultant, adjunct professor, author and entrepreneur. Together, we have a wide range of experience which has allowed us many opportunities to work within Alaska and globally.

When did your business begin? Did you see a niche to fill, is there a story behind it?

Rosewood LLC began 20 years ago as an accounting and tax preparation business that is still alive and well today. When I went to college I chose accounting as my major because I knew I would need to find a job and pay off student loans. Ten years ago I went back to university to get my masters of science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (which is the psychology of business) which aligned more to my interest - people and human behavior. At this time, I discovered the profession of executive and personal coaching and knew I found that sweet spot where work and passion connect. I went to a post-graduate college for two years to study to become certified as an executive coach. It turns out that I am the first International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach in Alaska.

What is your business's mission, and how do you work to achieve this?

Our mission is to help people excel and thrive in their lives: both in their work and at home. I take a holistic approach to my work with business leaders to maximize their personal, spiritual and professional potential in order to help them to achieve the optimal balance in their lives.

How many employees do you have?

We contract work to other coaches throughout the world - depending on the client and their needs.

How do you select them?

We generally require our coaches to be certified by the ICF; however, there are some outstanding coaches out there who do not have this designation. I make sure they are aligned with my vision and style of coaching, which is a strengths based coaching model and working on developing emotional intelligence using positive psychology as a foundation for growth.

Do you provide service(s) to all of Southeast Alaska?


What are your biggest triumphs?

This is a tough question to answer.... My client's triumphs are what bring me such joy and purpose to my life. I guess I am just thankful that I kept moving forward in my own life to find a place where passion meets purpose.

What are your most common hurdles (i.e., shipping)?

The only hurdle I have encountered is that Alaska does not use executive coaching to the extent that the Lower 48 and other countries do around the world. At the beginning of my coaching business I spent a lot of time explaining to organizations what coaching is and how it may be helpful. In the last five years, this is changing quickly.

What work practices do you try and maintain in order to serve the community the best that you can?

I try to be as flexible as possible with all of my clients. I do my very best to respond quickly to phone calls and emails. Many of my clients are very busy and their schedules change on a daily basis and I realize that there will be many last minute changes to our meeting times. I have never charged for last minute cancellations because that is the nature of being an executive - you have to move quickly. I do my best to accommodate my clients and adapt to their schedules.

What might encourage local residents to visit your business, rather than ordering something from a non-local business?

Because I can meet them face to face.

What are your favorite things about your business?

I love working with highly motivated and intelligent people who know what they want, but just don't know how to get there. Sometimes my clients don't have a clear focus on what they want, but they know their current situation is not working (for a myriad of reasons). Having the opportunity to work with these people as they discover their passion and purpose is a joy that is beyond compare.

Are there any interesting facts or information that the community might not know about your business?

Executive coaching is frequently done via the phone and/or Skype, which has allowed me to grow my business globally. I have an international client base - both with my coaching business and my tax business. We are no longer bound by geographical constraints.

Where do you see your business in 5, 10 years?

Executive and personal coaching will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Our goal is to provide excellent coaches that match the need of the client - no matter where they live in the world. We are currently building a strong network of coaches globally and will seek to fill the needs of our growing client base. Many organizations have offices in various states and/or countries, and we are in process in having coaches in place and already vetted so the organization does not have to spend their time interviewing coaches in each area.

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