PUBLISHED: 9:11 AM on Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Do you think the capital should be moved to Anchorage, why or why not?

"No, it wouldnt really solve any of the issues they say it would. In many places down south in fact, they have moved the capital away from the largest city, otherwise no where else would get any attention" - Tom Melville

"No. I dont think moving it to Anchorage will allow any greater access o the legislature. It will just be a waste of money." - Renee Rodriguez

"No. It would do more harm than good." - Ryan Collard

"No, because it would negatively impact the local economy. There are lots of small businesses that would be negatively impacted because the legislature is a large part of our customer base i the winter." - Cherith Whiteman

"Absolutely not because I'm in the resaurant business and that would directly affect me in Juneau." - Roy Anderson

"Absolutely not. The primary reason is Juneau's economy and property values will go down the toilet. There's no evidence that legislative sessions in Anchorage draw more attendees from the general public." - BJ clinton (online response)