PUBLISHED: 5:16 PM on Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Check into State's online checkbook
The State's new Online Checkbook, a free and publicly searchable database to view the State's payment and revenue information is available now.

Alaskans can go online beginning Feb. 5 to view the State's posted current fiscal year spending information. The Department of Administration's Division of Finance has implemented this new tool in response to Governor Sarah Palin's call for departments to find ways to provide more information and transparency to Alaskans.

"Governor Palin understands that Alaskans want access to their government," said Commissioner Annette Kreitzer. "We are making this information available in the best form we can for Alaskans. We'll continue to refine the tool, and respond to suggestions for improvement."

Online Checkbooks are a growing trend among states to increase transparency into the financial operations of government. Alaska's information available on the site at includes:

• All vendors and grantees who received a payment of at least $1,000 in the State's current fiscal year (July to June) through the end of January;

• The name and location of the vendor or grantee;

• The purpose of the payment;

• The department that requested the payment.

Currently the information is limited to payments using the enterprise-wide methods of general warrants and One Cards. Specialized payment systems, such as payments made to beneficiaries and wire transfers, are being evaluated for future publication.

There are no plans to include retirement or Permanent Fund Dividend payments on the website. Initial posting of the State's financial information will be updated and posted monthly.

If you have questions about a specific payment posted on the site, please contact the department contact. For suggestions to improve the website, contact Division of Finance Director Kim Garnero at 465-3435 or email at .