PUBLISHED: 9:03 PM on Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Pets awaiting adoption
Arwen is a Turkish Van, the breed known as "swimming cats" because they love water and actually like to swim. Her solid white coat is medium-long and she has bright blue eyes. This sweet, spayed female is 6 months old. She came from a breeder and wasn't used to playing with people and other cats, but is blossoming at the shelter.

Haines Animal Rescue Kennel: 766-3334

Goliath is a 4-year-old Alaskan malamute needs a new home. He is very energetic and needs a lot of attention. Goliath loves children and enjoys the company of cats and other dogs. He is not housebroken but is still young enough and smart enough to train to your liking. He has a great attitude but he wants more attention then his current family can give. Goliath is current on all of his shots.

Champ is a 7-year-old, purebred Lab, but don't be put off by his age. This big, black neutered male is a very athletic, outdoor dog who'd love to belong to an energetic person with a strong personality. He has had basic training, needs some more, and would be a great hunting dog. P.S. He's great with kids.

Pearl and Luna: Mother and daughter looking for a new home. Luna is a 2 year old husky mix and a very good mother to Pearl who is a 9 month old husky mix. Both are spayed and current on all their shots. Luna and Pearl are very playful, they get along with other animals, and they are both indoor/outdoor dogs. These two are very active and love to play. We are hoping to find a home that will keep these two together.