PUBLISHED: 9:04 PM on Wednesday, February 16, 2005
Weyhrauch supports USGA regarding mine
(JUNEAU) - Representative Bruce Weyhrauch is voicing his support of the United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters' (USAG) support of the US Forest Service's Record of Decision regarding the Kensington Mine project.

In a letter earlier this week, USAG expressed concern over Southeast Alaska Conservation Council's recent decision to appeal the Record of Decision and planned construction and operation of Kensington Mine.

USAG is concerned that further appeals will hold up the project. "The Kensington Mine project could be a significant job-creating development for Southeast Alaska" said Representative Weyhrauch. "I am confident that the US Forest Service has looked at all aspects of the proposed plan and that Kensington Mine could be done with minimal environmental and marine life impact."

He went on to say, "The United Southeast Gillnetters are one of the oldest fishing groups in Alaska. They believe in maintaining a clean habitat and good fishing management. Those things are critical to the gillnetter's livelihoods. This mine will be in their backyard, and these fishermen will be the ones most affected by the mine. I agree with them that the Kensington Project is environmentally sound and should move forward."