PUBLISHED: 3:48 PM on Wednesday, February 14, 2007
POLL What is your ideal Valentine's Day gift?

Alla Kirsanova
I usually don't care. It's always nice just getting one.

Shad Engkilterra
A night stay at a cabin for two. First I'd have to find the other person I'd want with me.

  Juneau Christian Daycare
Crystal Kennedy
I would want a guy to send my flowers anonymously to my work or something, and diamonds of course!

Kirsten Elstad
I would want a pink pony!

  State Employee
Tom Mayer
My trip to Utahto go skiing.

  American Red Cross
Linda Wahl
A trip to Hawaii, but if I can't go there, tickets to the luau on March 31. It's an island getaway for an evening and supports Red Cross.