PUBLISHED: 3:52 PM on Wednesday, February 14, 2007
The florist, her husband and Valentine's Day
Cookies, candies, cards and most importantly, flowers-there are so many options for the most romantic holiday of the year. But as they say 'The cobbler's son has no shoes' so does a flower lady ever receive flowers? When asked if he ever gives his wife flowers, Rick Busch, husband of the Plant People owner Theresa, replied, "I have been known to buy her flowers. Last year I bought from a friendly competitor. I saw a plant Theresa likes so I got it."

"He got me one of my favorites, a hibiscus tree. He's very good about being stealthy," Theresa said.

Rick jokingly added, "Though she might not love me that much because the plant's not doing too well."

Valentine's Day is of course one of the busiest times of year for flower businesses and being on Theresa's side of the holiday, she can really get to know her customer's personalities.

"Some people call far in advance and then there are the ones that come on their way home from work saying, 'It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's red.' Last year a man got the last flowering red plant and exclaimed, 'Thank God. This is perfect.'"

Theresa and Rick Busch have lived in Juneau for 16 years, and Theresa's business the Plant People will celebrate its five year anniversary in August. The couple recently relocated the business from behind the bowling alley to its new location at 379 Village Street, directly across from the Sand Piper. Though supportive of his wife's business, Rick claims not share Theresa's passion for flowers.

"We considered being business partners for less than 24 hours, but I am an accountant, I like the books," Rick said

But Theresa interrupts, "Yes he likes flowers. It doesn't sound manly for him to tell the truth."

Rick admits, however, that he does enjoy receiving flowers himself.

"My two favorites are the hibiscus, which is probably due to Theresa's influence, and the bird of paradise, which I grew up around. For my 40th birthday Theresa threw a surprise party complete with birds of paradise on all of the tables."

Theresa also gave Rick roses on two different occasions last year. Of course roses are a Valentine's favorite because each color has its own symbol. Pink roses represent appreciation, orange shows desire, white shows humility, yellow represents friendship, and last, but by far the most popular, red symbolizes true love. Theresa gave Rick yellow first, followed by red.

"I did that because he was my best friend before he was my husband," she said.

Theresa said owning a flower business really helps one see the positive side of people.

"I think whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or not a holiday at all, it's good for people to make an extra effort to help their loved ones see that they are important and thought about all the time," she said.

So what about Rick? Does he get reminded?

"I have plans for a surprise but he's sitting too close to say," Theresa said. "There's always the secret thing that people do and no matter what anyone says, everybody loves surprises."