PUBLISHED: 5:32 PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Fishermen's Bend burns early morning on Feb. 9
Fisherman's Bend, a landmark store on Auke Bay, was destroyed by a fire early Saturday morning.

General Manager Rick Wolfenberger said he received a call about the fire about midnight Friday. He arrived on the scene at 12:30 a.m. to find the building engulfed in flames.

Wolfenberger said that the Auke Bay Fire Department did a "fantastic job", and wanted to thank them for a great effort.

Temperatures Saturday morning were 3 degrees, so cold the hoses & trucks were freezing up, he said.

"I was standing 25 feet from the building and couldn't feel the heat of the fire."

Wolfenberger said that Andrew's Marine, an affiliate of Fishermen's Bend, will remain in operation and will continue to provide mooring for local boat owners.

The owners plan to have an office open within two weeks in the Boat House in the old Duval's Marine location, but have not decided whether to rebuild, he said. Phones will be operational by the end of next week.