PUBLISHED: 5:32 PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Healing Hand Foundation reorganizes for better service
The Healing Hand Foundation has reorganized so it can provide better service to SouthEast Alaska Regional Health Consortium (SEARHC) beneficiaries with unmet medical needs.

The Healing Hand Foundation's Board of Directors in December decided to take a more active role in the Foundation's management, which will reduce administrative and personnel costs so more money can be directed to the patients and families in need.

"The Foundation remains active in seeking contributions for our important mission," said George Reifenstein, Vice President of the Healing Hand Foundation Board of Directors. "As a result of our administrative change, nearly every penny the Foundation raises in 2008 will go directly to pay for durable medical equipment, prescriptions and patient escort travel, bridging the gap between what SEARHC can provide and the needs of patients of very limited means."

The Healing Hand Foundation (formerly known as The SEARHC Foundation) was created in 2002 because many SEARHC patients have unmet medical needs due to rising health care costs and reduced funding from the Indian Health Service. The Foundation is a non-profit organization, separate from SEARHC, that donates money to SEARHC to be used to meet these needs.

The money is used for small grants that help patients pay for items in three target areas - durable medical equipment (such as dentures, wheelchairs, etc.), prescriptions and patient escort travel - that aren't fully covered.

From 2002 through September 2007, the Foundation gave out more than $270,000 in charitable awards to 703 recipients from 16 Southeast Alaska communities.

In addition to the administrative change, the Healing Hand Foundation also has moved its office to 3245 Hospital Drive in Juneau, just a block away from the old office. The phone number remains 364-4401 and e-mail address is For more information about the Foundation, go to