PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2008
Photo: Wearable art takes center stage
The two-day Wearable Art - Mechanical Marvels was a smashing success, with 24 models showcasing a variety of artistic creations this past weekend. Provocative, imaginative, innovative and colorful, everything was to be seen at the event. Wrangler artists JoEllen Traylor and Karen Skoglund created "Access", pictured here, made of silk, dye, metal and paint and modeled by Cate Ross. On both days, first place went to "The Queen of the Sea", created and modeled by Joanie Waller, with second place going to the "Puzzling Affect", created and modeled by Temple Schneeberger. Third place was shared by the "Urban Alternative" on Saturday, created by Ricky Tagaban and modeled by Diandrea Mack and Lindsey Forrest and "All Bust Up" on Sunday, created and modeled by Hanna Davis. More photos of the event can be seen online at