PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2008
ADF&G releases results of 2008 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon processing capacity survey
The Department of Fish and Game's (ADF&G) preseason survey of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon processing capacity is now available on the Web. Capacity is defined as a combination of the physical processing capacity and the intent of buyers and processors to use that capacity to purchase and process salmon.

All 13 of the processors selected to participate in the survey provided the information requested. These processors include the largest salmon processors in Bristol Bay and collectively these companies purchased 99.5 percent of the sockeye salmon harvested in Bristol Bay in 2007.

For 2008, the combined processing capacity reported in the survey is 1.7 million sockeye salmon per day; with a capacity over the entire season of 36.3 million sockeye salmon.

In the survey, processors were asked about their capacity to transport sockeye salmon out of Bristol Bay for processing in other locations, if harvests exceeded the 1.7 million per day Bristol Bay processing capacity. Several processors indicated they would have a "long haul" fleet and provided information on the capacity of that fleet.

The 2008 ADF&G point forecast for Bristol Bay is 31.4 million sockeye salmon. The conclusion from comparing the processing capacity survey results with the ADF&G sockeye salmon forecast for 2008 indicates that there will be adequate processing capacity to utilize the number of sockeye salmon expected to be harvested in 2008.

The survey also asked if processors intended to buy salmon from the Ugashik District in 2008, and if so, if they intended to buy more sockeye salmon from that district than they had in 2007. Eleven companies indicated they intend to purchase sockeye salmon in the Ugashik District in 2008, and they expect to increase their purchases of sockeye salmon in 2008 above the amounts they purchased in 2007.

The summary of the processing capacity survey and the 2008 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon forecast can be found on the web site for the Division of Commercial Fisheries at: and

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