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Top 10 ways to spend Valentine's Day: 021109 AE 2 CCW's official guide for the desperate CCW Staff Report
Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Story last updated at 2/11/2009 - 11:39 am

Top 10 ways to spend Valentine's Day:

CCW Staff Report

Still looking for last-minute Valentines Day date ideas? Fear not, it's not too late to woo your sweetheart (or yourself, if you are so inclined). Our team of experts here at CCW have come up with our top ten list of favorite Valentines activities, in no particular order.

10. Papa Murphy's Heart Shaped Pizza: A delicious treat, and a "cheesy" way to tell your loved one how you feel. You can avoid the restaurant crowd by baking your pizza at home. It is affordable and a kind gesture. Rent a movie you'll both enjoy for a relaxing night in.

9. Island Pub: Because any place with pizza and wine is classy. It's also close to the Treadwell Ice Arena, and what's not romantic about holding hands while ice-skating together?

8. Lemon Creek Breeze In: Believe it or not, this joint is supposedly really hoppin' on Valentine's Day, and way more affordable than most restaurants.

7. The Hangar: They're putting on a Valentine's dinner special with all kinds of fancy courses finally topped off with chocolate-covered strawberries. Take an after-dinner stroll along the waterfront to cap off the evening.

6. Camping in the living room: Turn off all the lights, unplug the phone, and pitch a tent in your living room. It's private, unusual and saves a bunch of money.

5. Camping not in the living room: Nothing beats cabin fever like a hike to a cabin. Plus, after all that exercise, you can eat your box(es) of chocolates free of guilt.

4. Embracing on the ferry: Take a ride on the Marine Highway, there and back on the same day. Enjoy the scenery from the deck while clinging to your loved one for dear body heat. Nothing brings people together like a cold breeze.

3. Picnic at Lena or Auke Rec wearing matching XtraTufs: Pavilions provide shelter from the elements. You can experience a romantic setting with a fireplace and a beach. Matching XtraTufs always spark a connection.

2. Go out to eat the next day: Why brave the crowds when you can have just as romantic an experience on Sunday instead?

1. Bring Hank William along: No matter if you stay at home, go for a drive, or share the left and right ear buds from your iPod with your sweetie, Hank is the only acceptable third wheel for this special day.