PUBLISHED: 4:10 PM on Wednesday, February 7, 2007
POLL What is your favorite winter activity?

  Night Skiing Coordinator
Tyler Gress
See occupation above.

  Manager of Island Pub
Liz Horvath
Sledding with my husband and two children.Snowball fights!

  Hansen Gress, VP
Brandon Howard
Skiing, anytime, any snow, particularly on a clear evening.

  Hansen Gress CEO
Jeremy Hansen
Night skiing at 2 a.m. under the Aurora Borealis.

  Norm Mickelson No. 1 Fan
Ryan Kubota
Travel south and do asummer activity.

  KIN Program Manager
Jess Parks
Ice hockey! I play goalie in the women's league, and I have been learning to play center as well. It's great exercise and a good way to meet people.