PUBLISHED: 11:40 AM on Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Persistence is key: The perspective of a 10-year-old beginner
Today was exciting.

On Thursday, Jan 13, 2005, I went to the Eaglecrest ski area with my mom. Eaglecrest is the one place in Juneau and Douglas where you can trust there to be enough snow winter round. And there, for the very first time, I entered into a snowboarding lesson.

We went to the gear room, where we put on a new kind of boots fit to strap onto the snowboard. We went up to the slope, where I met my snowboard instructor, Mr. Tom. We headed down to a small fairly steep slope. I practiced some of my turns and balance. It was fun. I wiped out a few times, but it was fun, and felt great when I kept my balance all the way down.

When we were done there, we headed up the slope to the top. Then I skied all the way down, without much trouble. I went twelve seconds without falling, my own personal record. It was hard to do, but I've learned that "Persistence prevails when all else fails." It was hard, but when I persevered, I learned something new, did something cool, and pulled off my first stunt!

It felt great to get to ride on the platter pole. Of course I only went about three yards, and then slipped. But it felt great to try, and next time I go there I'm going to do better.

- August McAllister