PUBLISHED: 11:40 AM on Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Fashion rant... Dear CCW:
The other day I was at the Mall and I saw this "young man", trust me I use the term very loosely, walking along straining to keep his pants on. Why was he straining to keep his pants on you ask? Because they did not fit! Now I know that baggy pants are some form of a fashion statement but please...if your butt's not covered at all by your pants the only statement you are making is not about fashion! Besides...last time I checked Juneau does not qualify as an "inter-city" nor is it a fashion hub so I think you are just trying waaay too hard! Buy some pants that fit, pull them up where they go, and stop showing me your underwear! Oh yeah one more hats are designed to be warn with the bill in the forward position! Any other way just drops your IQ by twenty points!!! J. Kevin Curry