PUBLISHED: 11:41 AM on Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Free bus rides for disabled people
Capital Transit will again allow persons using the VIP Bus Pass free use of the bus beginning on Tuesday February 1, 2005.

Persons who have a valid VIP Bus Pass may simply show it to the driver and board free. For the past 6 months, these persons along with elderly persons were required to purchase a discounted monthly bus pass as a result of actions taken to increase revenues to the Capital Transit bus system for the current fiscal year.

The Assembly of the City and Borough of Juneau in December approved a return to the free use of the buses by elderly persons using the Senior Citizen's Sales Tax Exemption Card and by low-income persons with disabilities.

Seniors were allowed to use their Tax Exemption Cards beginning in January.

The return of the VIP Bus Pass Program will meet the intent of the Assembly and provide a program that best meets the needs of low-income persons with disabilities.