PUBLISHED: 11:06 AM on Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Tongass releases annual report
The Tongass National Forest recently released its annual Monitoring and Evaluation Report for fiscal 2003. The report is a summary of forest-wide monitoring programs.

Tongass resource specialists gather results of monitoring efforts throughout the forest into the report which addresses areas such as air quality, biodiversity, fish habitat, heritage resources, recreation and tourism, scenery resource, wildlife, soil and water, and much more.

"This report is an excellent way for the public to see how we are doing managing their lands," said Tongass National Forest Supervisor Forrest Cole.

Forest Service officials said this year's monitoring report is more customer-friendly.

"It's a new, more compact version," said Tongass National Forest Planning Staff Officer Larry Lunde. "An executive summary highlights forest programs in 2003. A compact disc is also part of this year's report. We hope these products, along with the web-based access to the report provides accessible, user-friendly avenues to learn more about the monitoring process and how it meshes with products and processes outlined in the Forest Plan."

"The report is a status update that briefly describes where we are," explained Cole. "It is a benchmark toward achieving our Forest Plan goals."

"The report illustrates that Tongass employees achieved successful implementation of the Standards and Guidelines across the resources and are continuing to evaluate their effectiveness," added Cole.

For more information about the report, call Carol Seitz Warmuth in Ketchikan at (907) 228-6341. To receive a copy of the report, contact Sue Jennings in Petersburg at (907) 723-0477.

People can also view the monitoring report on the Tongass National Forest website at