PUBLISHED: 11:45 AM on Wednesday, February 2, 2005
Little Picks Up Big Award

Photo courtesy of Gretchen Klein
Little Nick and his mother Dorrien with Gov. Frank Murkowski at a Chamber Event Jan. 19, 2005, in Ketchikan. Nick is Bill Elberson's little, and was standing in for his Big to receive the Big Brother's Presidential Award, as Elberson was out of town running a marathon. The two have been matched for two years, and mother Dorrien wrote in a description of the impact the program has had on Nick:

"What an awesome guy to give his entire attention to one little boy he barely knows. Bill has been such a blessing to my son and my family. When Bill started visiting with Nicholas at school, his teacher saw an immediate difference in Nicholas. He started to get excited about his classwork, he was more focused and started to get along better with his classmates (and his siblings). [...] Even though Bill only visits once a week, he has made a beautiful change in his life."