PUBLISHED: 2:34 PM on Wednesday, January 31, 2007
The art of creative meditation
Shar Fox enhances her black and white photography with new color and vibrancy in her featured work at the Juneau Artists Gallery this February.

"Combining photography and painting with photo oils has become a creative meditation for me," Fox said. "Painting allows me to look deeper into the image and experiment with added color."

Fox describes her love of the process, in which she adds an array of color to black and white photos. The images seem to take on a life of their own with the photograph often merging into a painting.

Photography has become a visual journal for Fox with each image carrying a personal meaning. She invites viewers to find their own meaning.

"I often hear that my photographs touch people on an emotional level, evoking a sense of peace or playfulness," Fox said.

Fox has discovered the vast world of digital photography as well. Her camera is a constant companion and is credited with changing the way she sees the daily world.

"I enjoy being a part of creative collaboration and appreciate the dynamic growth of the Juneau Artists Gallery," Fox said. "It's exciting to be with a group of artists who share a love of their work and an earnest desire to offer authentic local art to visitors and neighbors alike."

Fox's roots run deep in Juneau having arrived in 1973 in her early 20's. She knew she was home. She was co-owner of the Red Balloon toy store in the 1980's. As her children grew and interests changed, she began working as an acupressure therapist at Wellspring Integrative Medical Center. During the legislative session Fox is working at the capitol, along with fellow Gallery member Stephanie Hall. Summers are spent working part-time at the Alaska State Museum.

Though she joined the gallery only two months ago, Fox's work isn't new to the Juneau art set. Her work has been displayed in such shows as the Alaska Positive Juried Show in 2000, 2002 and 2006, the Alaska Photographic Arts Shows since 2000, the Juneau City Museum Juried Show in 2004 and the Juneau Arts & Humanities in December 2001 with Katja Geldof and in November 2005 with fellow JAG member, Michelle Morrell. Her photography can also be seen at the Heritage Valley Café.

Fox is one of 29 local artists and artisans in the Juneau Artists Gallery open year round in the Senate Mall Building. The cooperative is operated by the member artists so locals and visitors alike are encouraged to "Meet the Artist-on-Duty" each day.