PUBLISHED: 2:31 PM on Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Time to hit the mat for CPR training
American Red Cross of Southeast Alaska
The wily veterans of the WWE and its newest rookies are all highly trained sports entertainers. They can take a chair shot to the head, fly off the top rope and land impaling their opponent in the chest with a well-placed elbow, or flip from 15 feet in the air crashing to the thinly padded concrete below; still they walk away with just a flesh wound and are able to wrestle again the next day in the next town.

The rest of us aren't so athletic or well-trained that we could walk away from half of what we see in the sports entertainment world.

For those who get injured just thinking about a leg drop off the ring apron, there is American Red Cross First Aid.

As we move toward a new tourist season, many companies and their employees are looking to get their CPR and First Aid renewed. Some may need the training for the first time, and there are others who just want to prepare for an emergency.

Now is the time to get the training. The American Red Cross of Alaska's busiest season is March, April and May. The classes that we hold for the community fill up quickly, and our instructors become overworked with all of the teaching they do for businesses.

Those who need CPR and First Aid certification and wait until the last minute to schedule may find that they are unable to get the training they need in time to meet the criteria of their job. While we do our best to accommodate the needs of people who are required to have training, it is always better for everyone involved to plan ahead. Right now the choice of class dates and times is plentiful.

You can schedule your group training with the dates you want now by contacting Valerie Strasburger at 463-5713. There is a community class schedule for February and March on-line at, and individuals can sign up for classes with Linda Wahl at 463-5713.

Training your employees with American Red Cross not only makes your workplace safer; it also helps support the Red Cross disaster response and Armed Forces Emergency Services that we offer.