Monsieur Rex,
Ask Rex: Oh no, fleas! 013013 AE 1 Capital City Weekly Monsieur Rex,

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Ask Rex: Oh no, fleas!

Monsieur Rex,

Allo, I am simply furieux' and must have your opinion. I have fleas. Oh no. This is not acceptable. I am a poodle. A French poodle and we simply do not accept this indignity. It is simply how you say - ne pas fait (not done) by my kind. What have you to say for yourself?

Madame Fifi

Dear Madame,

First, I have many things to say for myself and not a single one of them is "I have fleas or gave them to you!" Look, I am sorry you have fleas. They are disgusting. They itch. And the unfortunate bottom line is they are highly contagious and can make you very sick. If your home is infested you have to take serious measures to get rid of them. Every surface should be vacuumed. All bedding should be washed. Fleas have not survived as long as they have by being wimps. So quit complaining and go to your veterinarian. They will give you a veterinarian approved flea medication such as Frontline Advantage or Revolution. These can and should be used preventively as well to keep fleas away. I strongly advise you against over the counter flea remedies. They are toxic. Honey, everyone can get fleas so get over yourself and just take care of it.

Bon Jour, Rex

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