PUBLISHED: 1:14 PM on Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Red Cross seeks real heroes to be recognized at 6th Annual Real Heroes Breakfast
Do you know a real hero, someone who has done something extraordinary, perhaps saved a life or made a positive difference in the community? If so, the American Red Cross wants to know! On Tuesday, April 19th, the American Red Cross of Alaska will recognize 13 Alaskans for their outstanding contributions to our communities throughout the state at the 6th Annual Real Heroes Breakfast.

There are heroes all around us. They may be people you know - family members, friends, coworkers - or perhaps strangers whose good deeds you read about in the newspaper or heard about on the evening news. A hero can be someone who bravely acts in a time of immediate need or someone who simply lives his or her life in a way that shows they care for those around them. Heroes are ordinary people whose actions demonstrate the potential that is in all of us. If someone is a hero in your eyes, we encourage you to nominate them.

The American Red Cross of Alaska invites you to nominate a hero for one of the following categories: Adult Good Samaritan, Animal Rescue, Aviation Rescue, Community Safety, Educator, Family Hero, Fire Rescue, Law Enforcement, Marine Rescue, Medical Rescue, Military Rescue, Wilderness Rescue, Youth Good Samaritan.

The event must be ongoing or have occurred in Alaska between January 1, 2004 and February 15, 2005. All nominees must be residents of Alaska. Nominees selected for recognition must be present at the event.

Nominate your hero online by visiting, or call (907) 646.5412 for a nomination form. For more information contact: Kelly Hurd at above number or by e-mail at