PUBLISHED: 1:02 PM on Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Driving rant...
Dear CCW:

I love the snow. It's so beautiful and clean and makes everything so quiet. It brings out the best in nature and it brings out the worst in OUR nature! Please tell me why about half of the driving population goes completely mad when it snows? There is three feet of freakin' snow on the ground why do you need to drive 60 miles an hour down Egan Drive? Okay I can see being in a hurry if you are going to the hospital but almost everyone I see driving that fast drives right past the hospital! Heck in Juneau you can get anywhere in town in thirty minutes or less driving just 30 miles per hour! But I guess people will be people so keep on driving like and idiot and I suppose you will eventually get to the hospital! J. Kevin Curry