PUBLISHED: 11:11 AM on Wednesday, January 25, 2006
What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Amanda Harris
Nothing, which is bad.

  Marketing and IT
Case Harris
Lunch at noon. Coffee, oatmeal and waffles.

  The Soup Queen
Pam Green
When I have time for breakfast, which is about once per month, I like two eggs over medium, bacon, pancakes and lots of syrup.

Ted Valley
Cereal or muffins.

  Bookstore Owner
Dee Longenbaugh
Half an English muffin with whatever, a glass of orange juice and a glass of tomato juice.

  Shoe Store Owner
Sydney Mitchell
Always coffee and water. Yum. Sometimes a bagel ... sometimes an apple ... sometimes oatmeal with cranberries, nuts and coconut. Double yum.