PUBLISHED: 2:57 PM on Wednesday, January 24, 2007
POLL What would you send on the space shuttle?

  CD Counselor Colleen Felkl My ex-husband Stephan Felkl!

  Dentist Nolan Davis Stephan, Colleen and inflatable boxing gloves with Internet fee. We will call it Star Wars.

  Cubicle Sitter Kierke Kussant Brittney Spears to keep her out of trouble!

  Business Owner Christy Baseden A cowboy because I've always wanted to see a space cowboy.

  Instructorv Alice Sollie My ex has always wanted to go to outer space, so let's send him there!

  IT & Audio Production Stephan Felkl An iPod with Metallica, Powerman5000 and Godsmack so whoever finds it knows the earth rocks! And my ex-wife!