PUBLISHED: 2:42 PM on Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Southeast locations participate in College Goal Sunday event
All across Alaska communities are gearing up for College Goal Sunday. With the success of prior years, 14 communities at 17 locations across Alaska are preparing for the one-day event, where students and their parents can receive expert advice in learning about financial aid and planning for college.

"College Goal Sunday is a fun and informative way of increasing student access to higher education while bringing training and exposure to our rural communities," said Jason Borer, ANCSA education consortium co-chair.

Alaska's third annual College Goal Sunday event will take place Feb. 11. Traditionally offered a week or two after Super Bowl Sunday, in a single afternoon students and their families can obtain on-site assistance in completing financial aid application forms - specifically the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

College Goal Sunday is a national program designed to help students and families, particularly low-income and first generation college goers, clear the paperwork hurdle when applying for college financial aid. For the Alaska event, financial aid professionals from Alaska's institutions of higher education and the Alaska Commission on Post-secondary Education will join other volunteers to fan out to key community hubs across Alaska to help families fill out the FAFSA, the universally required financial aid application.

In addition to assisting with the FAFSA, the Coalition of Alaskans Supporting Higher Education organization will launch an extensive public information campaign to reach traditionally under-represented Alaska populations and inform them of the importance of an education beyond high school, the availability of financial aid and the existence of College Goal Sunday to help them complete the FAFSA.

The Coalition of Alaskans Supporting Higher Education is a public/private partnership to identify opportunities and implement programs to increase access to higher education for all Alaskans with special emphasis on low-income families and their children. The 2007 Alaska College Goal Sunday is held statewide including in Juneau and Sitka.