PUBLISHED: 2:43 PM on Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Petersburg first in Alaska to use Granicus for Web council meetings
Petersburg is now audio streaming and archiving their city council meetings with advanced streaming and legislative management solutions offered by San Francisco-based Granicus, Inc.

The new system will improve citizen access to Petersburg local government meetings and aid in improving government transparency.

"Information demands are changing the scope of today's communication. Even in our remote location in southeast Alaska, citizens need and are demanding interactive media that gives them access to the information they want, when they want it," said Kathy O'Rear, Petersburg City Clerk.

Petersburg is the first Granicus client in Alaska and is taking progressive steps forward with audio streaming to improve 'government to citizen' communication. Granicus technology not only plays back an audio record of the meeting, but the audio is enriched with index points that enable the listener to navigate through the meeting by the agenda items. To see the Web site, go online to

O'Rear is excited about how the new system will help in the future retrieval of archived minutes. "The indexing feature will dramatically improve internal and external research and retrieval for citizens and staff."

The city has no subject indexing system in place. City personnel spend considerable time searching archived meeting records to respond to citizen inquiries or research history on a subject matter.

The new Granicus system gives citizens the ability to search meeting records independently and reduce research time for staff through the City's website.