PUBLISHED: 4:15 PM on Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Floyd Dryded Voices: Abort Abortion
Since when do we kill the patient to cure the disease? One of the most common reasons women abort is: the child is handicapped or has some disease, and they don't want to deal with that, or it isn't affordable. You may or may not know the exact definition of "abortion" is, but the most common definition is "the premature stoppage of a natural or a pathological process."

According to an 8th grade student, Christie Adams, "Abortion is when you are pregnant, but you might not want to be, or you can't be a parent, so you get a shot and it kills the baby." Abortion should become illegal, like in other countries, because it has so many downfalls.

First of all, abortion can hurt the woman. Most commonly, abortion may end in death, increase risk of breast cancer, handicap newborns in later pregnancies, and lower general health in women. Many women who have had an abortion feel guilty and shameful afterwards, but they cannot take back their decision. Also, deaths afterwards are not blamed on abortion.

Deep depression and guilt following an abortion leads to suicide. The real cause was abortion, but the cause listed was depression/ suicide. In the story It Will Haunt Me Forever, by a anonymous 19 year old, a girl thought she had it all: a boyfriend, a place to live, and a family that would support her no matter what. What she did not know was that she had become pregnant. Her "boyfriend" said that he would stay with her no matter what. She went, in secret, to the doctor's office to have plans made. The day finally came; she and her boyfriend went to the hospital. The surgery was done, and after a couple hours of recovery, she awoke. She, at once, regretted her decision, but it was too late to take it back. Not too long afterwards, things weren't working out with her boyfriend, so she dumped him. She said, "There is not a day that goes by when I don't think about what I have done. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. " Furthermore, it can also put nurses in sticky situations. For example, a nurse in Colorado that helped with an abortion, for the first time, was so horrified by what she saw that she refused to do any more. She was threatened to lose her job. She couldn't afford to lose her job, so she reluctantly and sadly, stuck with it. Abortions may be legal, but they are not always safe.

Abortion not only hurts the women it is performed on, but the people around them, too. It can also be done in non-safe ways, due to its climbing fee.

Abortion is costly. It can range from 300-5,000 dollars, depending on how early or late in the pregnancy the operation is done. Since most women/families can't afford this, they choose to do it illegally. Illegal abortions have not been recorded in the years, but in the USA, an estimated 1,000 women died from illegal abortions in the late 1900s. About 29 women die each day, world wide, from illegal abortions. Each year there are 46 million abortions; out of those abortions, 20-million take place where having an abortion is illegal. That is forty- three percent! There were 60,000 reported deaths from "coat hanger" abortions (when the unauthorized doctors do the abortion underground, so they don't get caught) in the late 1900s. In 1927, a 15 state survey revealed that of 7,537 women who died from abortion- related problems, over 1,090 died of illegal abortions. "It isn't the poor who want abortions. It's the rich who want abortions for the poor," says Mr. and Mrs. Willke, two abortion professors. Why abort a child when a family will let the child in with open arms?

Families that want children will happily adopt the unwanted child! Instead of aborting, the child could be put up for adoption. There are a few differences between the turnouts of adoption and abortion. One: in adoption your pregnancy ends with giving life; with abortion, pregnancy ends with ending a life. Two: if you have an abortion you may feel guilty and shameful; if you have put your child up for adoption, you may feel good and/or positive about your choice. Three: if the child, including the handicapped and diseased, is set up for an adoption, it is more likely that the child will be adopted and not go to an orphanage or institution. There are many families that will happily adopt; why must we get rid of someone others might want?

As you can see, abortion isn't the best decision there is; there are better ones. Abortion is,

most of the time, expensive, and sometimes women do it illegally, with consequences. Numerous families have open arms for unwanted children. Many people in this nation are afraid to stand up for what they believe in, or in what's right. They can't even begin to understand the grotesque ways abortion is done; which is why many people cower away on the subject and just let it be. But what about all the young lives lost? It is debatable when life begins, but even so, it is wrong to take away a helpless person's life, no matter the situation.