PUBLISHED: 4:01 PM on Wednesday, January 23, 2008
Photo: Juneau welcomes Legislature
The Juneau community legislative welcome reception on January 16th was a big hit with the public and our representatives. The Centennial Hall was full of people mingling with old acquaintances, meeting new people, and snacking on a variety of great treats. The tables with snacks, ranging from coconut salmon and mini lox bagels to meat balls, seemed to be the center of attention. Here, Hildegard Sellner (left), a council member of Turning the Tides is with Representative Andrea Doll (D)-Juneau. Turning the Tides is a Juneau-based grass-roots nonprofit organization working to promote environmentally-friendly living and alternatives to plastics. They are working to build up support for two bills that will be introduced by Representative Andrea Doll and Senator Kim Elton this legislative season to put a 15-cent fee on all plastic bags given away in stores, in order to reduce plastic waste generated by disposable bags.