PUBLISHED: 10:24 AM on Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Winter rant...
I don't know about you but I have had enough! I keep looking for Mr. Bigglesworth and my mini me, as scary as that is, cause "Its frickin' freezin' in here!" Now I know we all have to pay our dues from time to time and I can deal with the fact that we have all enjoyed the Juneau Banana Belt waaaay too long but there is a reason that I don't live in Fairbanks and this is it! The older I get the more I enjoy the mild comfortable weather that is Juneau. Okay Zeus, Domfe, Lugh, and Bosatsu...I get it! You are in charge! I won't forget, I promise. Please let the Chinook winds return so I may sport my bright red taffeta evening gown again without the long johns...did I really just say that? Holy Crap my brain must be frozen!

J. Kevin Curry