PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2007
KTOO launches three new formats
Juneau public radio station KTOO launched three new public radio services Friday, Jan. 12.

Three KTOO members were chosen at random to push ceremonial buttons launching KTOO News, Rain Country Radio and Excellent Radio. The new formats are the result of KTOO's recent purchase of two Juneau FM stations from White Oak Broadcasting. KTOO completed the purchase Dec. 27, and the stations have been converted to non-commercial licenses.

KTOO-FM on 104.3 has switched to a full-time news format. One of the new stations, KRNN-FM on 102.7, named "Rain Country Radio," offers a variety of music programming, from classical and jazz to folk and blues.

The third station, KXLL-FM on 100.7, is called "Excellent Radio" and features programming of mainstream contemporary music.

KTOO News offers up-to- the-minute local, state, national and international news and information from NPR, the BBC, PRI, the CBC, APRN and the KTOO News staff. KTOO News features favorites such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

Rain Country Radio presents Juneau's unique home-made public radio tradition of everything from folk to jazz and from world music to the classics. The station offers an eclectic music schedule, a close connection to the community and a strong sense of place.

Excellent Radio is a new format for public radio. The station presents new music, as well as classic tunes, alternative music and hip hop grooves 24 hours a day, and is targeted at younger listeners.

The new stations will operate from KTOO's existing broadcast facilities in downtown Juneau.