PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Pets awaiting Adoption
Juneau Gastineau Humane Society Shelter: 789-0260

Brian is a brilliant dark pit bull/ lab mix. At 11 months old, he might not know a lot about life, but he is ready and willing to explore. If you would like to meet with Brian, please visit the Gastineau Humane Society during viewing hours.

Delores is a young, female guinea pig. She loves apples and running around her cage while talking to herself. She's the dancing queen and enjoys playing.

Gastineau Humane Society provides shelter for lost, homeless, abandoned and abused animals, while actively seeking loving, permanent homes. Other services include dog licensing, dog boarding, pet grooming facilities by appointment, animal behavior consultants, dog obedience classes, and spay/neuter discount coupons. For information, go online to