PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2007
It's gala time again
American Red Cross of Southeast Alaska

Around this time of year, there is generally a buzz that has developed about the annual Red Cross Ball. To which destination will the imagination and skill of Bauer and Howard Designs take us? What kind of cuisine and entertainment will we get to experience as part of a great event that supports an organization that provides vital services to our community?

This year, the Southeast District of the American Red Cross of Alaska was asked to move our event, so that our capital city could hold the governor's inaugural ball for Sarah Palin.

The Red Cross Gala, helping to celebrate our 90th year in Alaska, is scheduled to take place March 31, at Centennial Hall.

While the hard-working volunteer group including Steve Iha, Jeremy Bauer, Katie Boyce, Eve Delgado, Jamey Young and Julie Pollock is still bringing all the details together, we can reveal that the theme may involve a Luau.

To help you pass the time while you are waiting for more details to come, we have opened up some of the items available at our silent auction for pre-bids.

These items include Rie Muñoz's St. Nicholas Church, John Fehringer's Out of the Ordinary, and a piece by Nancy Stonington. These three pieces of art are part of a larger collection that was willed to the American Red Cross of Alaska.

Item descriptions and photos can be found on-line at

Pre-bids may be sent by e-mail to, made by phone, or at the Southeast District office in Juneau.

They must be half the value of the item.

All items may be purchased for 1.5 times the appraised value. Proceeds from the silent auction will go to support the American Red Cross of Alaska.