PUBLISHED: 3:59 PM on Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Floyd Dryden Voices: Consider the lives of animals
Imagine living in a small cage, and having nowhere to move or stretch out, having sharp things poke and probe you, having tumors as big as your own body growing on you.

Think hard and imagine having to be a test object, or maybe even forced to eat make-up such as face cream, or having to inhale a spray you would use in your house. Well, that is what millions of animals have to endure each year. Animal testing should be stopped.

Every day, millions of animals are dying because of our needs. Mice, rats, and birds are used in 80-95 percent of tests. This is because they are cheap and easy to breed. Household products and cosmetics companies still pump their products into animals stomachs, rub them into skin, squirt it into eyes, and force them to inhale aerosol sprays. The methods of testing and animal deaths are inhumane.

Second of all, animals can become infected with diseases that they would not normally catch. Plus some cures can be species specific making it hard to know if the cure will work on us. So, why test on animals if you don't know if the tests are going to be reliable to humans. Many animals such as small mice grow large tumors. In addition, animals are being forced to endure many painful tests such as being tube feed chemicals, having wires implanted in the brains, having repeated surgeries, having their spines crushed, and much, much more.

Third of all, we don't even need most of the products tested on animals. People don't need animals to make them look pretty. " How many rabbits does Revlon blind for beauty sake?" says a New York Times advertisement, 1980. Until recently many cosmetics and perfumes contained ingredients that came from whales. Now people want to protect whales and substitute it for another substance.

Remember where you shop and what you purchase. Only purchase cruelty-free products and only donate to health charities. If you have a product that says they test on animals or you know that they do, send them a letter stating that you will not purchase their items it they test on animals.

Only you can make a difference, so pick up the phone, or a pen and paper and say something. Only you can spread the word so get started. Take all the products that do test on animals and trash them, and refuse to buy the companies items if they test on animals. You can't do it alone so spread the word!