PUBLISHED: 3:59 PM on Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Floyd Dryden Voices: The Dangers of Fluoride
Do you ever stop to wonder if the tap water that you drink every day is pure and safe? Research has traced many causes of cancer and bone disease back to tap water. But it's not the water that causes these diseases, but a chemical that is put in it. That chemical is called Fluoride.

Fluoride is a chemical that dentists claim helps to protect against tooth decay. It may help prevent cavities, but it also has other serious side effects like affecting bones by causing bone cancer, most commonly in teenage boys. It also causes other serious health problems. Its main use is for protecting against tooth decay, but if someone uses fluoridated tooth paste than they have no need for fluoride in the water. It's intended to harden teeth's surfaces by rinsing them with it, not by ingesting it. Fluoride is a dangerous chemical that was recently voted out of Juneau's water and needs to be taken out of more city's public water sources.

Fluoride, if kept in the water, isn't just being consumed. It's being used to wash our clothes and water our plants. We're even bathing in it. When we're practically living in something that was meant to harden our teeth, nothing more, then something is seriously wrong.

The American Dentist Association even recommended last year that Fluoridated tap water to not be consumed by infants as it increases the risk of Dental Fluorosis. Fluoride also causes brain damage and permanent physical problems in infants. It would be impossible for anyone, especially a baby, to not consume water. If it is dangerous for babies and they have no control over what they are given to drink, then why are we forcing this upon not only us, but our children. They shouldn't have to pay for our ignorant choices for the rest of their lives.

Another reason it should be taken out is that besides protection against tooth decay, fluoride has no other positive health benefits. It isn't naturally supposed to be included in humans diet. It is a foreign mineral, meaning it has no natural place or use in the human body. It is put in the water like a drug. What other drugs do we give to everyone?

Another important point that has been brought up, is that fluoridating the water violates our rights. It is making us consume a potentially dangerous mineral when so many people are voting against it. If one group opposes fluoride and another one supports it, then the supporting group shouldn't be able to put it in the other group's water source. That is an act that goes against our human rights.

Fluoride is still circulating through the water systems of Alaska and other cities in the United States. It is time for people to learn about what they are really drinking. It is the cause of bone cancers and many other diseases, it causes problems in infants and pregnant women, and we're not only drinking it, but bathing in it and soaking it through our clothes.

It is time for fluoride to be taken out of the water once and for all.