PUBLISHED: 12:12 PM on Wednesday, January 4, 2006
The Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic for Back and Neck Pain
As health care costs continue to escalate, insurance companies, policymakers-and many health care providers- have begun to embrace the idea of more conservative approaches to the treatment of low back pain.

Two studies published in the October 2005 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics compare chiropractic care to medical care in the treatment of back and neck pain, with results demonstrating that chiropractic appears to offer benefits identical or superior to those provided by medical care, while reducing many of the costs and extraneous procedures associated with the medical approach to back and neck pain treatment. These two studies add to the growing body of scientific evidence suggesting chiropractic is a safe, noninvasive, and cost-effective treatment for low back pain and neck pain, especially when compared to traditional medical care. These studies also serve as a guide for future trials and policies related to the delivery of chiropractic care.